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Be a Hero,
Save a Squirrel

Your donation could help save the life of a rescued animal.

Every Animal

Deserves a Chance

At the Squirrel Refuge in Vancouver, Washington, we work with an amazing team of volunteers and professionals to rehabilitate, release, and/or provide sanctuary for orphaned and injured wildlife. We specialize in the rescue of small mammals like squirrels, ground squirrels, chipmunks, possums, and rabbits and rely on donations from animals lovers like you.

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I found a baby squirrel!

Find out what to do when you find a baby squirrel and where to get help if you need it.

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Caring for a Baby Squirrel

Learn how to warm, feed, and house a baby squirrel.


Caring for an Adult Squirrel

Learn how to feed, house, and release an adult squirrel.

Success Stories

Squirrel Batch 1 8-20.jpg

“The orphaned squirrel, Moses, was underweight and dehydrated. He just didn't seem to be thriving like his brothers. After a couple of months of care at the Squirrel Refuge though, he was healthy and ready for release! ”

Jaclyn S. - Volunteer

Help us create more squirrel success stories! 

Contribute to our Amazon Wishlist.

Squirrel Rehab 101


Learn about the best and safest squirrel housing to buy or build depending on age and size.


Learn what to safely feed a squirrel, how much, and how often for proper nutrition.

Illnesses & Injuries

Identify and treat common illnesses and injuries in squirrels that are in need of care.


Find out how to safely transport your squirrel in need to a rehabber near you.

Adult Care

Learn the nutritional, housing, and other needs of an adult squirrel being rehabbed.

Baby Care

A members-only section with info on the proper care and feeding of baby squirrels.

Raising for Rehab

The best way to raise your orphan squirrel for their later safe release into the wild.

Squirrel Board

A forum of experts on squirrel rehab info and helpful Q&A.

Thank You!

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We'd like to thank Henry's Healthy Pets and Fox Valley Nutrition for all the donations, discounts, and support they've given The Squirrel Refuge over the years. We wouldn't trust anyone else with our squirrel nutrition!

Click the logos to shop these recommended brands.

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Squirrel Refuge News

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Recognizing Our Partners




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Vancouver, WA 98682


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