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How to Care for a Baby Squirrel

Learn everything you need to know about caring for the delicate needs of a baby squirrel. Even if you intend to care for the orphan on your own, be sure to reach out to licensed rehabilitator like the Squirrel Refuge for help.

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The best outcome for any baby squirrel is to be raised by its mother, and barring that, to be reared in the company of other squirrels in a setting that best prepares it for a successful life in the wild. Squirrels rarely make good pets and in many jurisdictions it is illegal.  A single squirrel reared by humans is at a huge disadvantage for learning important social and survival skills.  


Before you proceed, ensure that you have followed the steps described in ‘I found a baby’ to address the orphan’s urgent needs.  You must never feed a cold baby and it must be fully hydrated before providing a formula appropriate for squirrels.  If you aren’t sure what species of squirrel you have, the link to the right can provide important clues to its identification.


Safe formula replacements, recipes, preparation, storage, & transitioning.

Feeding Tools

Safe syringe and nipple recommendations as well as retail links.


Safe feeding prep, hygiene, positioning, rate, and transitioning.


Safe feeding quantities and frequencies charts by weight and age range.


Potential feeding complications and their symptoms.


How to build a makeshift, emergency incubator to keep the baby warm.


Instructions for the safe stimulation for required elimination.

Q&A Forum

A forum moderated by experienced squirrel rehabbers.

Please note: Washington State residents are prohibited from caring for wildlife.

This information is for trained wildlife rehabilitators only.

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