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Squirrel Rehab 101

Learn everything you need to know to safely rehabilitate small mammals like squirrels.


Learn about the best and safest squirrel housing to buy or build depending on age and size.


Learn what to safely feed a squirrel, how much, and how often for proper nutrition.

Illnesses & Injuries

Identify and treat common illnesses and injuries in squirrels that are in need of care.


Find out how to safely transport your squirrel in need to a rehabber near you.

Adult Care

Learn the nutritional, housing, and other needs of an adult squirrel being rehabbed.

Baby Care

A members-only section with info on the proper care and feeding of baby squirrels.

Raising for Rehab

The best way to raise your orphan squirrel for their later safe release into the wild.

Squirrel Board

A forum of experts on squirrel rehab info and helpful Q&A.

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